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Strutting Walking to his woman and marking his territory in her own house.

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There is nothing between you and I except for my concern for you.

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3.04 vs. 3.13

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  • GLEE AU! SEBTANA » instead of rachel and kurt recieving a new roomate, Santana does and guess who is? Sebastian Smythe. Her new and dear friend.

"Don’t touch in my hair products. Do I made myself clear?", Santana asked, walking to the taller boy. “And for your information, I’m not lesbian anymore. So stop trying to get me laid with your weirdo girlfriends”. 

"So you’re not lesbian anymore? That’s mean that I have a chance?", Sebastian smirked, crossing her arms, trying to hide a half smile. 

"Please, you’re not my type. You’re too white, too skinny and too fake. I like muscles and other big things", flipping her hair Santana started to make her way out of the apartament, but Sebastian held her arm, pulling her close, whispering in her ear.

"I’m everyone’s type. And my ‘things’ are big enough for my own good, Miss Lopez".

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